Dr. Binita Kane

Dr. Kane has an interest in airways disease, quality

improvement (QI) and leadership. She is currently the lead for integrated respiratory care at MFT, the Greater Manchester Respiratory Health Innovation programme and the North West Severe Asthma Network.

During the pandemic, she has led the cross-system Manchester COVID virtual ward. She is a member of the Long COVID strategic group in Greater Manchester and currently working with the NHS Chief People Officer as a member of the NHS BAME

Clinical Advisory Group, advising NHSE/I on strategic issues and feeding back on what is required in relation to the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on BAME staff.

Outside of medicine, she has co-founded ‘South Asian Heritage Month’ in the UK,the first of which was launched online in July 2020.

Dr. Kane has a child with Long Covid & is a Long Covid advocate and #LCKChampioin

Dr. Binita Kane

Consultant Respiratory Physician at Manchester University Foundation Trust (MFT).